Land 6

Solitaire board game where dice are not just rolled

by Santiago Eximeno
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Land 6 - gameplay Land 6 - gameplay Land 6 - gameplay
Game description

You are The Lord of the Dice, in eternal battle against The Lord of the Cubes, fighting for the world known as Land 6. To defeat him you must conquer his city with one of your armies, and you must do it... with just six dice!

Land 6 is a solitaire board game where dice are not just rolled. You use dice to represent your armies in different regions around Land 6. Each of 4 regions allows you to perform special action by decreasing value of your die. These actions are for example deploy new army, move army, attack Lord of the Cubes. Your goal is to place one of your armies with value at least 3 in home region of Lord of the Cubes.

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