Maquis FAQ

Q: How are patrols placed?
A: Patrol placement is controlled by patrol deck. Each patrol card describes 3 locations. Patrol will try to move to first empty location or if there is no empty location patrol will arrest agent in first location containing one.
You can view patrol deck anytime by tapping on button with silhouette of patrol to the left of mission locations.
Q: Can I predict where will patrol go?
A: Every location with risk of patrol placement is marked by orange or red circle to the left of location name. Number in orange/red circle is number of patrol cards in patrol deck that will result of patrol placement on that location. This number changes if you select location in placement phase and shows you how the probability will change if you would place agent there. If number is in red circle, you risk direct arrest there.
Q: How is number of patrols determined?
A: Minimum patrol count will always be number of your agents. It can be higher depending on your morale:
  • morale 1 = 5 patrols
  • morale 2 = 4 patrols
  • morale 3 = 4 patrols
  • morale 4 = 4 patrols
  • morale 5 = 3 patrols
  • morale 6 = 3 patrols
  • morale 7 = 2 patrols
Q: How can I lose or gain morale?
A: Morale is decreased by one:
  • at start of specific turns (marked by orange square in turn track - left top corner of screen)
  • when using action in Black Market location
  • when shooting patrols

You can increase morale by one:
  • when using action in Poor District location
  • when using action on Propagandist supporter/Spare Room location
Q: What does yellow shield with a white star on some location mean?
A: Yellow shield with a white star marks locations where you can perform action without need to return to Safe House. For example in Poor district you spend resources to increase morale, so it does not matter if your agent is arrested afterwards or not. Mission location action can be always performed independently if agent cane return or not.
Q: The Sabotage mission has two circles with a star in it. Does it mean that I just have to go there twice?
A: Yes, your agent needs to go there and perform action there (without spending any resources).
Q: Where can I get physical board game?
A: Maquis was only released as print and play board game. Therefore you need to build it by yourself. You can find all necessary files on BGG page of Maquis. To build board game with same design as in app you need these files:
Q: I have different question. How can I contact you?
A: Send me an email to or send me a message on Twitter or Google+